The age for admission to the K.G is 4 years in March. It is granted only on submitting the Application Form duly filled in and signed along with duplicate copy of the original birth certificate,

Correct name and date of birth are to be given in the Admission Forms and this, once registered can not be altered.

Admission to a particular section of the class is reserved entirely to the school authorities. Admissions are done on the basis of an interview and entrance examination. The merit of the student is the sole criterion of selection.

The school does not charge capitation fee, Offers of donations, bringing innuendoes to bear on the management with a view to gain admission etc. will entail disqualification of the candidate.

The application for Admission / Registration Form shall be accompanied by an authentic document containing the child’s date of birth. We accept the date of birth-certificates only from Municipality or Anchal Panchayat Affidavit will not be accepted. A student coming from an affiliated and recognized school should produce a T.C. with a clear mention of date of birth

Catholic students must produce a Baptism Certificate besides Birth Certificate.

The Principal/Headmistress reserves to herself the right to refuse admission to any student without furnishing any reasons. If a student is to be withdrawn due to change of residence or domicile, the T.C. will be issued on seven days notice given in writing by the parents and Rs. 100/- will be levied as T.C. fee. No T.C. will be issued until all dues to the school have been paid in full.

The School Management acting through the Principal/ Headmistress will request the withdrawal of a student who fails for two consecutive years in the same class.

Not withstanding anything in this prospectus the Principal/ Headmistress may at her absolute discretion require any parent at any time to take his/her ward out of this school.

Birth Certificate will be issued only on receipt of a written application from the guardian. In the application, the date of birth, year of admission to this school, I.D. No. and the class in which the student was admitted are to be mentioned.




Students who appear for the ICSE Examination will have to seek fresh admission to class XI, and the criteria for admission will be decided by the Principal. Admission to class XI is totally at the discretion of the management of the school.